Wildfires In The Metro Area Bring Air Quality To The Forefront

portland indoor air quality affected by fires

Forest Fires Create Air Quality Concerns

As thousands of acres burn in the Portland area, it is important to consider the ramifications to the quality of air you are breathing. There is little that can be done outside, but there are opportunities to improve the air quality within your home.

Now is a good time to check your air filters and clean or replace them if they are dirty. Ash from the fires is falling all over the entire Portland Metro area and may find its way into your home and ultimately your filter.

Checking your filter regularly during this time will help prevent any problems or further degradation of the air quality inside your home. Running your furnace fan continuously will help maintain cleaner air within the home as well.

To keep the air in your home as pollution and ash-free as possible, consider installing a higher quality air filter, or even better, an electronic air cleaner, such as the American Standard Accuclean.

Disposable air filters are available in a wide variety of efficiencies, often expressed as a MERV rating. The higher the MERV rating, the better the air filtration quality. Look for filters with a minimum MERV rating of 8. 11-13 is better.

The American Standard Accuclean rates off the MERV scale chart as it filters particulate from the air stream down to .1 microns, or roughly 1/700th the size of a human hair! The Accuclean is also completely serviceable by the homeowner, meaning no more buying replacement filters, and it comes with a registered ten year parts warranty.

Here is a quick demonstration video of the American Standard Accuclean in action. Give us a call to get more information or request pricing for your air quality upgrade.

As fall is upon us here in the great Pacific Northwest, this is a prime time to have maintenance performed on your heating system. We will clean, adjust, and tune up your heating system to keep it running at peak efficiency for the coming winter season. If we see a weak part or potential issue, we can bring it to your attention and give you the option to repair the system proactively, saving you time, expense, and restoring peace of mind.

Anytime between now and mid-October is a perfect time to have this valuable service performed as we are in between the heating and cooling seasons. We will always try to accommodate your scheduling needs, but performing maintenance in the interim season allows our technicians to reach more clients that need emergency service in the colder or warmer months.

As always, the team at Clawson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc is ready to assist you and keep you comfortable in your home. Give us a call today at 503-618-9646 or check out our website for additional information and current specials.


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