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Troutdale, OR HVAC Service & Repair

Troutdale, OR HVAC Installation

Every home is different. Every family is different. Because of this, each home and family result in a unique combination that require unique heating and cooling needs. At Clawson Heating, our HVAC installation experts visit the home and ask a whole lot of questions before we try and tell you the right system for your situation.

We strive to balance both the needs of the homeowners with the peculiarities of the house to create the most efficient and cost effective HVAC system for your home. We’ve been installing and servicing HVAC systems in Troutdale homes for over 26 years. Whether you’re looking to keep your house warmer or cooler, we have the experience and training to suggest the right furnace, heat pump or air conditioner to provide you with the comfort levels you’re looking for.

The experience that comes from visiting homes every day and discussing with homeowners what they’re looking for cannot be overstated. Our home comfort experts walk each client through the HVAC system installation process and are more than willing to discuss whatever concerns or questions arise. We are a Customer Care Dealer for American Standard. This means that year after year, we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Troutdale Heating Repair and Maintenance

Nobody wants to turn their heat on and find out it’s blowing cold air. Or, worse, yet, doesn’t even turn on at all. Yet every day of the week our NATE qualified service technicians take care of this very problem for Troutdale residents, bringing their systems back online and warming up frosty toes in the cold winters here in the Portland metro area.

One of the most common analogies for an HVAC system is that of a vehicle. It’s common because in many ways it is true. Your heat pump or furnace are mechanical devices that require maintenance to perform properly and at peak efficiency. If they are not performing efficiently, then they are costing you money. You wouldn’t drive your car if it was chugging down twice as much gas as it usually did, yet many people do the equivalent with their furnace – neglecting to maintain it, either assuming energy costs are rising or that the furnace is actually performing well.

The solution to this is to perform regular heating repair and maintenance on your heating system. Our highly-trained technicians can tune-up your furnace and diagnose any problems. The earlier a problem is identified and corrected, generally the less it costs to fix. While that isn’t always the case, it is far better to take care of smaller problems before they become big ones.

By calling the staff of Clawson Heating at 503-618-9646 you can request service to tune-up your furnace and allow us to perform any needed maintenance before it conks out in the middle of a cold spell. That is the worst time for both the homeowner to have a problem. Avoid it by scheduling your annual tune-up today.

Troutdale Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Even in the temperate climate of the great Northwest, there is a need for air conditioning repair. Troutdale is no exception – while the temperatures aren’t generally high, depending on which way your home faces, you can be in for a lot of hot days in the summer. And every so often there’s enough of a heat wave to make most homeowners want to turn that A/C on high.

And when the air conditioning gives out? That’s when you should think about calling in the experts to get your A/C repaired. And when that happens, the team at Clawson Heating will be there to dispatch our technicians to your door in order to get you back to comfortably cool in as short of time as possible.

But before that happens, it might be better to plan ahead. While there’s no way to predict when your air conditioning is going to cease working, one way to prevent it from happening in the first place is to, like your furnace, have regular maintenance performed on it. Again, the idea of a vehicle comes into play here as well. As the air conditioner cools the home, it will eventually need to be serviced. It is far better to take care of that when it isn’t needed every day than to wait until it quits working.

Clawson Heating has been serving the HVAC service and repair needs of Troutdale and the surrounding areas for more than 26 years. We are proud of the work we have done and hope to be able to continue for another 26 years. Call us today for any of your furnace repair, heating and cooling maintenance or air conditioning repair needs.

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