Smart thermostats for Portland homes are an amazing thing. While they can be a little tricky to install and can take some time for the homeowner to learn how to best utilize them, once they are up and running they are fairly maintenance free.

Most smart thermostats come with rechargeable batteries pre-installed inside the unit to protect against power loss. As they are run off electricity, changing batteries isn’t ever an issue.

Other systems do operate from battery power. These will need to have their batteries replaced periodically. Sometimes a homeowner forgets to do this, resulting in their entire HVAC system shutting down because the thermostat that regulates it doesn’t work.

If your heating or culling system isn’t working at all, the first step is to make sure your thermostat isn’t battery-operated and the batteries simply died. Once you’ve determined this, then by all means give the Clawson Heating team a call.

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